Sussex County Dermatology


Orange Dermatology Associates, PC is a dermatology and dermatologic surgery group practice. It was started in Monroe, New York in 1973 by Joseph G. Tuchman, M.D., who was joined by Steven Wolinsky, M.D. in 1984.

In 1985 a second office was opened in Warwick, New York. In addition to Dr. Tuchman and Dr. Wolinsky, Orange Dermatology Associates, PC now consists of an additional dermatologist, Sammy A. Hutman, M.D. All the practice’s dermatologists are Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology.

We also have three Certified Physician Assistants, specialized in dermatology, Dawn Barilli, RPA-C, Avraham Sokoloff, RPA-C, and Amy L. Wolff, RPA-C, who practice full-time in our offices.

Orange Dermatology Associates, P.C. is a Psoriasis Treatment center withs decades of experience treating psoriasis. See our services page to see all of our dermatology services. We also offer a number of cosmetic procedures. We are the number one dermatology practice serving Sussex County, NJ. We constantly keep up with all the latest trends in dermatology. Our team of dermatology professionals are here to serve you.

You can reach us in Monroe at (845) 783-2920 and in Warwick at (845) 986-6999.  For more information about our practice please click on one of the options on the right.